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财经 Business & Financial Vol.66 – LED Cover Story

『在今年的大马国际绿色科技及环保产品展览会暨论坛(IGEM 2011), 我们将成为与会者的LED伙伴,赞助全场630个摊位采用我们公司的LED灯。』 Hibikii Global业务开发经理陈子辉说着时,眼睛闪闪发光。[更多...]

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hibikii LED e-Newsletter, August 2011

Hibikii LED IGEM Exhibition 2011 September 7th, 2011

Date:7 – 9 September 2011 10.30 am-6.00 pm Trade visitors Only
10 September 2011 10.30 am – 5.00 pm Trade & Public Visitors
Venue:KL Convention Centre
Hibikii LED IGEM Exhibition 2011

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40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
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About Hibikii LED

Our Company

Hibikii is Asia’s rising and upcoming brand for cutting edge LED lighting technology, with one of the largest varieties in LED technology implementation well-known in the Asian market. Hibikii has one of the highest recommended brand names in LED lighting technology, keeping up with global trends and introducing new innovations into the upcoming and ever-changing lighting technology market.

Hibikii is an influential force in LED advancement where they headed the first of many LED innovations introduced and infused into modern interior designs, keeping up with the market’s constant-evolving demands. Hibikii’s main headquarters spread its wings to LED products after seeing the potential in the market, with much support and back-up by associate business partners in Taiwan offering strong technical support, established infrastructure and manufacturing capability.

The importance of green lighting has been fully emphasized by Hibikii, where the focus is directed into turning modern cities into energy-saving and environmentally friendly metropolitans. Using their well-known tools of trade in LED technology, Hibikii offers incomparable choices whilst fulfilling the company’s social responsibility as well as adhere to the Government’s vision of a Green Nation.

Hibikii is slowly expanding its global network in playing its part to light up the world “green”. With Asia within Hibikii’s slowly spreading wings, it looks like future alliances and tie-ups are embedded in the near future of Hibikii.
Modern Lighting
Hibikii’s global influence on the world’s lighting is inevitable. The future of modern lighting is synonymous with the brand Hibikii. Illuminating the world with their exceptional state-of-the-art lighting, Hibikii is paving its way to be the world’s leader in global lighting, through their dedication to excellence and quality.

Combining technology advancements from all over Asia, namely Japan, Taiwan and China, Hibikii’s LED Lighting is the perfect fusion of technology advancement with an environmentally-conscious vision. Holding on to that mission, Hibikii’s LED Lighting technology provides the best in exceptional results and quality, all the while staying true to Mother Nature and the hope for our younger generation. Revolutionary and eco-friendly, Hibikii holds the beacon of light towards the future of modern illumination.
Revolutionary LED Technology
Transform your space with Hibikii, through Hibikii’s revolutionary Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology that are small and compact yet still packs up a punch. The future of lighting is through Hibikii LED that powers up bright lightings at only a significantly small amount of electricity. Lasting 10 ~ 15 times more than the conventional lamps and bulbs, yet generated by low energy consumption and improved robustness, Hibikii’s LED Lighting products are exceptionally amazing.

Always ahead of the rest in quality and customer satisfaction, Hibikii brings to the table an extensive range of LED lighting to suit every usage, every whim, and every customer request. The miracle technology and Hibikii’s secret ingredient is the Compound of Ommatidia Light Distribution (C.O.L.D.) Technology that disperses the brightest lights whilst maintaining a cool operating temperature, thus lowering the usage and consumption of CFC powered air-conditionings.

Hibikii lights up the world, today and tomorrow.
Green environment, Green City
A dedication of excellence and quality helped newcomer Hibikii overcome competitors during its debut on Malaysian shores. LED Lighting is the future, and the name Hibikii is synonymous with the future of LED technology taking over the world, as many international cities are currently working on a global citation to changing their streets to LED-lit cosmopolitans.

Another advantage that makes Hibikii LED Lighting a par above the rest is every single quality product of Hibikii LED Lighting not only boost an impressive technology advancement but also every product is revolutionary ecology-friendly, in lieu with Hibikii’s vision of achieving a green Hibikii Environment for the year 2010. Hibikii LED Lighting products are energy-efficient, reducing the emission of CO2 as well as significantly cutting down energy and power consumption as well as electricity costs.

Major cities including Malaysia are actively playing their roles in creating awareness for the Earth and the Ozone layer, as apparent from the universal joint effort during Earth Hour to turn off the lights for an hour. Hibikii LED Lighting’s compatible power saving technology is the smarter and greener choice, where Hibikii focuses solely on the usage of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are solid-state lamps that will are efficient and long-lasting, and soon taking over incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs.
Benefits Of Going Green
The rise of natural disasters as the inverse relationship continues with the modernization of the planet has urged the world’s nations to open up the eyes of the world to the slow depletion of the earth’s natural resources. With many pleas to lighten the burden of poisonous gas emission that’s thinning our ozone layer, many governments are now putting in more effort to keeping their cities eco-friendly. Such an example is Malaysia, where our country is in the midst of co-operating with Japan on green initiatives by embarking on 20 joint projects under the Japan-Malaysia Cooperation Initiative for Environment and Energy.

To bring up the citizens’ awareness up a notch, Malaysian Government has also initiated the Green Building Index (GBI), which is Malaysia’s industry recognized green rating tool for buildings to promote sustainability in the build environment and raise awareness amongst Developers, Architects, Engineers, Designers and the public, promoting the green initiatives as well as awarding entrepreneurs and industries in their own efforts of Going Green where RM1.5 billion worth of soft loans were provided for companies that supply and utilizes green technology. The Malaysian Government even proposed the vision of promoting Going Green with a proposal to restructure the Malaysian Energy Centre as the National Green Technology Center. At this rate, part of the green initiatives is to stop all production, import and sales of incandescent lights by 2014, thus effectively reducing CO2 emission by 732,000 tonnes per year, and even plans of developing Putrajaya & Cyberjaya as the pioneer township of Green Technology is already under way.

Hibikii steps into the well-laid plans as the buffer between industries and the GBI, providing solutions that are energy-efficient, safe and green. With Hibikii LED Lighting as the excellent advocates of the green initiatives, many industries has placed their trust on Hibikii who converts and lights up industries, factories, premises, townships and many others with Hibikii LED products that are reliable and power-saving. Hibikii products are state-of-the-art and maintain a stringent quality control system. Power-consumption is lowered when incandescent lights are changed to Hibikii LED Lighting, and the lights are brighter, and thanks to the C.O.L.D. Technology, industries no longer need to channel too much power into air-conditioning unlike other fluorescent lights which generates heat that turns up the temperature of the premises. Another plus point is the Hibikii LED Lighting does not produce UV rays that attract insects by droves, a problem commonly faced by many lighting methods.
Commercial Lighting
Spot Light
  1. E Series Spot Light
    Made to suit every usage and every consumer, Hibikii LED E-series designer lights built to satisfy your every artistic whim and design. With its beam angle at 30 or 45 degrees, Hibikii LED spotlights appear more intense to spectators due to a concentration of light over a designated area.
  2. Cold Series Spot Light
    Inspired to create an exclusive ambience, the Hibikii LED C.O.L.D series’ finest design is capable to enhance the distinctive outlook. Operating brilliantly using the Hibikii LED C.O.L.D. (Compounded of Ommatidia Light Distribution) Technology, the Hibikii Spot Lights are fashionably stylish and compatible with all buildings.

Fluorescent Tube
  1. E Series Fluorescent Tube
    Hibikii’s Fluorescent Tube explores beyond the conventional fluorescent tube. Staying true to Hibikii’s signature LED technology, the E series comes with a built-in driver.
  2. C.O.L.D Series Fluorescent Tube
    For the many commercial usage of the Hibikii LED Tube, Hibikii sees the need to provide variety for consumers in the types of LED Tube – transparent cover and frosted cover. The C.O.L.D. (Compounded of Ommatidia Light Distribution) Technology series comes with an external driver.

Projector Light
Hibikii Projector Lights provide a contemporary facade that gives an air of elegance at several effects. Hibikii uses LED linear to achieve that needed effect. The Hibikkii projector Lights is ideal for outdoor application that may requires backlighting, cove lighting, wall washing or grazing.

The Hibikii LED Strips has played elemental roles in accentuating indoor and outdoor spaces and beautifying pathways. Hibikii’s LED Strips are versatile and flexible for usage in any occasions or locations to further enhanced the taste of elegance. Hibikii has taken a step forward in ensuring that the Hibikii LED Strips are protected against earth elements such as rain and impact.

Down Light
The unique downlight requires low maintenance and yet disperses optimal light at low glare. Using the innovative Hibikii LED Technology, the Hibikii downlight harness the long lifetime of its high power LED source with its reduction of maintenance and energy costs, making it useful for indoor general illumination applications.
Industrial Lighting
High Bay
With its function to provide maximum brightness with low power consumption, the Hibikii High Bay benefits especially to warehouses, stockrooms, garages, etc. Sitting on the LED technology platform, Hibikii High Bay lights provides sufficient lighting for for even the largest facilities whilst maintaining its cool white light for a cooler internal temperature and the added visibility and longer lasting brightness.

Flood Lights
Hibikii’s LED Flood lights provide brilliance and illumination for the ultimate visibility even in dark corners for stadiums, concerts, highways, events, etc. Created using COB (Chips on Board) technology, Hibikii Flood Lights is assured of its long-lastingness without much of maintenance.

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About Us

Hibikii had presence in Malaysia since the late 2009. The business activities on Hibikii Global Group of companies start with audio products.
Music is one of the hallmarks of being-human. Without music, life would be a mistake.
Hibikii’s essence is to deliver music -anywhere, anywhere via a highly distinctive and exclusive range of audio products that combines technological excellence with fashion.
Let the beauty of HIBIKII seduce you, and let yourself be mesmerized by the outstanding technology on which HIBIKII products are based.
Driving the GREEN effort further HIBIKII have founded LED lighting products for environmental friendly use since early 2010. As lighting play an important role to everyone in this world which it will affect people’s live, emotions and our planet.
HIBIKII LED products are an energy-efficient based that help us to reduce the CO2 emissions and cut down the electrical consumption by 80% and more and provide lighting that is more effective. HIBIKII LED products not only save our electrical consumption it is one of the eco-friendly products as well.
With HIBIKII LED it will help you to save your unnecessary costs on your electricity bill and also save the world by produce the same lighting effect compare to normal incandescent bulb and halogen needs.